Blogging Using MS Word 2007

posted on 25 June 2010

Recently, I discovered a simple way to blog (like keeping an online diary) using MS Word.
First, launch MS Word 2007. Next, click on the Office ButtonMS2007 logo at the top left hand corner, and click on New. Choose 'New blog post' and click on Create.

create New

You will be prompted to register a blog account. If you already have a blog account, click on Register Now and choose your blog provider from the list available, and click on Next to continue.

Register Chose Your Provider

You would be prompted for your blog information such as the Blog Post URL, your User Name and Password.
For example, if you blog is at, then you type
I also chose to 'check' the Remember Password option so that I would not be prompted to key in the password every time I publish a new post.
You can choose to leave it unchecked. Click on OK when done.

Create Your Account

After this step, you can begin to type the title and the contents of the new post like you are editing a Word document.

Start Editing

You can categorize your post using the Insert Category and select from your existing Categories from your blog or you can simple type in a new category.
When inserting the Category or Publishing, you may see the pop-up below. Click on Yes to proceed.
You can choose to 'check' the 'Don't show this message again' so that the pop-up will not appear again.

Publish Your Post

When the post is successfully published, a status will be shown at the top of your document.
You can then open up your blog to see the latest entry on the internet.
You can save your document in your hard disk as a .docx file if you are the kind that likes to edit the contents again to be republished.
Otherwise, you can simply discard the MS Word file. For those who do not have a blog, click on the link 'I don't have a blog yet'

Create Yours Now

You can read up more about creating a blog of your own using WordPress, Blogger, TypePad etc. Create yours today!

– Rachel Ang, 2010 June, SDE ITU

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