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Higher Degrees By Research Admissions

The Department also offers graduate degrees in Architecture [MA(Arch) & Ph.D.] by research.

Candidates wishing to register for the degree of Master of Arts in Architecture [MA(Arch)] or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) should consult the Head of the Department and the University's Graduate Studies handbook. Faculty members of the department act as supervisors to higher degrees' candidates. Regulations governing the award of higher degrees are set out in the University's Statutes and Regulations.

The Department participates in various aspects of research. Faculty members undertake funded research projects and are also engaged in research with external collaborators.

Please click here for admission details, requirements and application forms as well as information on research scholarship.

Statutes and Regulations

The National University of Singapore Statutes pertaining to postgraduate courses at the Department of Architecture are reproduced here for reference only -- Please confirm all information with the actual document, available through the Registrar's Office.


1. (1) For admission as a candidate for the degree of Master of Arts (Architecture), a person must be a graduate of this University or such graduate of another university as the Senate may approve or have obtained the Diploma in Architecture of the Singapore Polytechnic and must normally have been a graduate of at least two years' standing at the date on which he registers as a candidate for the degree.

(2) A candidate must possess a degree in Architecture ordinarily with honours where honours; degrees are not classified, or with at least second class honours where such honours degrees are classified, he/she must also submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the proposed course.

2. The candidate must submit a thesis which must embody the results of an original investigation and is accordingly governed by clauses 7-15 of the Degrees of Master Statute (Statute 21).

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