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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option

The Grade-free scheme, in the form of Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U) option, aims to provide a supportive and enabling environment for NUS undergraduates to make a successful transition into the academic and social culture of university life. It serves to facilitate a transformation in students' mindset towards grades and learning in the university setting, as well as enable students to leverage opportunities for a holistic education.

Under the S/U mechanism, letter grades are assigned to modules. Students may choose to retain the letter grade and have it factored into the computation of their Cumulative Average Point (CAP), or choose to exercise the S/U option on a module, in which case the letter grade will not be shown on the transcript nor computed towards the CAP.

An ‘S' grade is assigned if a student receives a ‘C' grade or above for the module. Conversely, students will receive a ‘U' if the grade obtained is lower than a ‘C' grade. Students will receive credits towards the degree only if they attain a ‘Satisfactory' (S) grade.

Please visit the S/U Homepage in the Student Portal for more information on the S/U policies for your relevant cohorts.

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