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The University Scholars Programme [USP] is a premier undergraduate programme that selects highly talented students from Faculties across NUS. Its unique curriculum and learning environment stretch students' intellectual, leadership and personal capacities, and foster a vibrant community of scholars that strives to break new ground in multidisciplinary insights and global perspectives. For more specific information, please visit NUS USP website.


USP scholars read 8 first-tier USP modules and 16 MCs of Advanced Modules (Course Based Modules [CBAMs] and Independent Study Modules [ISMs]). CBAMs are pegged at Level 2000 – Level 5000. A scholar must read at least one CBAM at Level 3000 or above. ISMs must be of Level 3000 or higher, and relevant to the student's major.

Advanced Modules offered by SDE can either reside in Group A (Humanities) or Group B (Science/Engineering) depending on the nature of the modules. Scholars read CBAMs in their discipline-related basket. If a scholar wishes to read a CBAM outside his discipline-related basket and count it towards his curriculum requirements, he has to seek prior permission from his respective Department.

Specific Requirements for USP scholars under the following programs,
(for 2011/2012 Cohort and earlier):

Departments Requirements CBAM and ISM Requirements
BA (Architecture)
  • First-tier USP modules will replace ULR modules
  • 8 First-tier USP Modules in total.
Please refer to HERE
BA (Industrial Design) Please refer to HERE
BSc (Project & Facilities Mgt)
  • USP Writing & Critical Thinking module may replace ES2007D Professional Communication
  • USP students may be exempted from HR3003 Management & Human Relations, if they take and pass any one of the following: UHB2201 Human Relations OR UHB2204 Leadership OR UHB2205 Unraveling Riddles of Culture
  • PF3101 Project Scheduling & Control (L3/S1)
  • PF3102 Facilities Planning & Design (L3/S2)

  • PF4101 Dissertation (8MCs) (L4/S2)
BSc (Real Estate) CBAMs:
  • RE3801 Real Estate Market Analysis (L3/S1)
  • RE4801 Public Policy & Real Estate Markets (L4/S1)

  • RE4802 Real Estate Development (L4/S1)
  • RE3802 Real Estate Investment (L3/S1)

Specific Requirements for USP scholars under the following programs
(for 2012/2013 Cohort onwards):

Departments USP Curriculum
Foundation Tier 3 compulsory modules (12 MCs) Inquiry Tier 8 modules (32 MCs) Reflection Tier 1 compulsory module (4MCs)
BSc (Project & Facilities Mgt) Inquiry Tier:
  • 5 inquiry modules (20MCs) **
  • 1 Independent Study Module (ISM): PF2303 Materials Technology (4MCs)
  • 2 modules from major :
    • - PF3302 Energy Management (4MCs)
    • - PF3204 Project Risk Management (4MCs)

** to fulfil at least two (2) HSS / ST modules

BSc (Real Estate) Inquiry Tier:
  • 5 inquiry modules (20MCs) **
  • 1 Independent Study Module (ISM )designed on either RE3102 Advanced Topics in Urban Planning or RE3103Real Estate Development (4MCs)
  • 2 modules from major :
    • - RE2103 Urban Planning (4MCS)
    • - RE2104 Real Estate Finance (4MCs)

** to fulfil at least two (2) HSS / ST modules

BA (Architecture) Inquiry Tier:
  • 4 inquiry modules(2 HSS + 2 ST) (16MCs)
  • 2 modules from major :
    • - AR3102 Design 6 (8 MCs)
    • - AR4102 Design 8
      OR AR4104 Architectural & Technology Design 2
      OR LA4702 MLA Studio: City
      OR AR4002 Advanced Architectural Study 2
      OR DEP5103 Urban Planning Studio + DEP5103a Quantitative Methods for Urban Planning
      depending on the tracks of study that the students are admitted to (each module 8 MCs)
BA (Industrial Design) Inquiry Tier:
  • 4 inquiry modules (2 HSS + 2 ST) (16MCs)
  • 2 modules from major :
    • - ID4121 Project Research (4 MC)
    • - ID4106 Design Thesis Project ( 12 MC)

** SDE students will be able to map an additional 2 modules (8MCs) of USP inquiry modules on SEP. They will thus be exempt from the requirement to do a minimum of 4 inquiry tier modules.

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