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Student Exchange Programme

The School recognises that the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) offers an excellent and precious opportunity to extend your education to places which offers a blend of views and perception. Eligible students may apply to spend up to a semester abroad for SEP and transfer the earned credits back to NUS. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and allow for some flexibility in terms of modules read in the Partner Universities.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

International Relations Office
Student Exchange
University-level Partner Universities
Registrar’s Office
Administrative Details for SEP


For NUS undergraduate students, the minimum criteria to be eligible for the NUS Student Exchange Programme (SEP) application are:

  • be enrolled at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a full-time student;
  • have completed at least two semesters of study before embarking on the exchange programme;
  • have a sound academic record, i.e. minimum CAP of 3.0, and should not have any grade below grade ‘C’ (grade point of 2.0) in any module;
  • have sufficient financial means to cover the necessary expenses for the duration of the SEP;
  • obtain the Faculty’s approval for the SEP;
  • satisfy partner institution and host country entry requirements;
  • check with the issuer of any scholarship he or she is receiving to ensure there are no restrictions involving overseas study (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education); and
  • have a clean disciplinary record and be a strong ambassador for NUS and Singapore.

The following categories of students are not eligible for overseas SEP:

  • students in their final semester of their degree; or
  • Students scheduled for final year projects, internships or industrial attachments.

Departments and Partner Universities, may at their discretion, impose further selection criteria.

Application Procedure

Application Portal

Student Information System (mySIS > Self-Service > Global Education > External Study Application)
User Guide (Sharepoint)

Application Period for AY2019/2020 SEP

  • 27 August 2018 to 14 September 2018 (For DOA, DOB, DRE students only)
  • 17 December 2018 to 4 January 2019 (For DID students and balance places, if any)

Applications for AY2018/2019 SEP are now closed.

Acceptance of SEP Offer/SEP Withdrawal Fee

Please be reminded of the $300 fee for withdrawal requests after acceptance of internal offer.

At the point of making the SEP application and again during the acceptance of the SEP offer, all students should consider carefully several important factors including, but not limited to, financial support and academic progress and compatibility. It is important to plan ahead and allow for some flexibility.
Should you choose to accept the internal offer in the system, please note that the decision is final and you are liable to a $300 penalty fee for withdrawal requests. The penalty fee will be added to your Student Bill collected by Office of Financial Services.

Administrative Details

Module Mapping

After accepting the internal offer, a module mapping worksheet will be created for you (please allow up to two to three working days for the creation).
Please note that mappings are reviewed by NUS Host Departments and their decision is final. For non-SDE modules, please note that some Departments only provide approval based on the module content. The eventual number of MCs transferred may need to be advised separately. FASS strictly follows a MC Exchange Ratio here.

Students are advised that mapping approval can take at least two to three weeks.

If in doubt, please approach your home department administrator.

Student Information System (mySIS > Self-Service > Global Education > Module Mapping Worksheet)
User Guide (Sharepoint)

General Education Modules

1) For students admitted before AY2015/16, they will need to seek the General Education Committee (GEC) for approval of the modules. Guidelines are available here.
2) For students admitted from AY2015/16, all modules read to fulfil the General Education requirement should be read in NUS.

For enquiries regarding application details and results, module mapping enquiries, etc., please consult with your respective Departments:

Department Administrators
Architecture Ms Lyn Chua
Building Ms Venessa Koh
Industrial Design Ms Nur Nadirah Binte Haron
Real Estate Ms Swamy Srividya Narayana

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