3D Printing

Students and staff in SDE can now create solid, plastic, 3D objects from 3D CAD drawings (.STL file format) using a Solido SD300Pro 3D Printer. The SD300Pro models can be sanded, spray painted, painted or any other similar finish.

It is expected that this 3D printer would be used more by Dept of Building and Dept of Real Estate staff and students, as the Dept of Architecture and Division of Industrial Design have their own 3D printers. More information on DOA and DID 3D Printers can be found here http://www.arch.nus.edu.sg/facilities/design-fabrication-workshop/equipment.html.

Printing is by appointment only. Please read the instruction for use of 3D Printer and then fill up the Request Form. The cost of printing is $7.60 per 1% of consumables used.

Use the SDView software which is available in all the PCs at E-Studio 2(ES2) to prepare the build models before submitting them to Dean's Office and Computer Complex(CCX) for payment and printing appointment respectively.

Requestor Guidelines
SDE Students
(Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Scholars, etc)
Chargable. The relevant lecturer's approval is needed in Section B of the Request Form.
SDE Academic Staff Free of charge for official purpose. If the academic staff has relevant research funding, please pay and charge to your research project fund.
SDE Research Staff
(Research Assistant, Research Fellow, etc)
Chargable. PI's prior approval is needed in Section B of the Request Form.

Title Document
SD300Pro Model Preparation Tips and Tricks SD300ProTrainingTipsTricks.pdf
Instruction for Use of 3D Printer InstructionforUseof3DPrinter.pdf
Request Form 3DPrintRequestForm.pdf