Seng City Printing Services

Printing and Photocopying Services at SDE have been relocated to SDE3 Level 4, inside AVSU office. The technical support will be provided by Seng City staff.

Please note that while the services may be available after AVSU Office Opening Hours till 6pm if there are student assistants on duty, there will be NO Technical Support from Seng City staff after office hours.

Guides Contact
  Seng City Main Office: 67736322 (Office Hours)
Mon – Fri : 9.00am – 5.15pm
Payment mode
Cash Card or EZlink Card
S/No Service Price/ Page Chargeable ($) (For Students/ Staff)
1 Photocopy- A4 (Black & White) $0.03
2 Photocopy- A3 (Black & White) $0.06
3 Photocopy- A4 (Color) $0.50
4 Photocopy- A3 (Color) $0.80
5 Printing- A4 (Black & White)
Single sided
Double sided


6 Printing - A3 (Black & White) $0.08
7 Printing - A4 (Color) $0.45
8 Printing - A3 (Color) $0.90

Printing Guides

A) EZlink Printing From Computer Cluster’s PC or Staff PC

All you need to do is:

  1. For Students: Login to the Student Domain with NUSSTU\XXXXX and Password.
  2. For Staff: Login to the Staff Domain with NUSSTF\XXXXX and Password.
  3. Press Windows Key + R key.
  4. In the Search Box/Windows, Type \\sdeserver and Click the OK button.
  5. To use correct printer, Double Click on desired printer:
    SDE-MONO-A4 (For B/W Printer)
    SDE-MONO-A3 (For B/W Printer)
    SDE-COLOR-A4 (For COLOR Printer)
    SDE-COLOR-A3 (For COLOR Printer)
  6. Open Your Document and Send Your Print Jobs to the Installed Printer.
  7. Proceed to the Print Release Station and Follow the Instruction on How To Print.
  8. After Payment is made, the Printer will execute your Print Jobs.

  9. Please NOTE: SDE-MONO (A4 – A3) is Default to Double-Sided Printing.
    SDE-COLOR (A4 – A3) is Default to Single-Sided Printing

B) EZlink Wireless Printing From Windows Notebook

C) EZlink Wireless Printing From MacBook

Cashcard/EZlink Photocopying

Payment can be done by Cashcard (in Printing Room 1) or EZlink Card (in Printing Room 2).

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