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East Asian Modernity (China)

Principal Investigator : Dr Li ShiQiao
Contact : 68743455
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The research aims to establish broad frameworks for a discussion on modernity in Chinese architecture, drawing on the insights and experiences of its European precedents. The particular concerns here, in the Chinese context, are not so much the establishment of modern standards in knowledge (as they had been developed for centuries in Europe and America ), but a desire to re-invent imaginatively Chinese traditions in the modernization process. This research examines elucidating instances in which Chinese architecture was re-worked to embody an identity, the circumstances in which this took place and their connections to established intellectual traditions.

Deliverables and Achievements to-date

International Refereed Journals (tier 1)

Paper published in Journal of Society of Architectural Historians 62:4 (2003), pp.470-89.

Paper published in Journal of Architectural Education 56 (2002), pp.35-45.

Invitations with full funding to present papers at international conferences :

International conference on Chinese architecture held at University of Pennsylvania , October 2003

International conference on Chinese Architecture, organized by Tongji University, Hong Kong University, and Nanjing University, June 2002

Significance / Impact

The two refereed journals are two top journals in the field with very high impact. The JSAH paper received editor's recommendation for the prestigious Founder's Award. The conference held at UPenn was a landmark meeting of outstanding scholars from all over the world. PI has also been invited to teach with full funding at Tongji University and Southeast University.

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