Research Projects

Department of Architecture

Completed Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Expert Panel Incentive Grant - A/Prof. Bobby Wong Chong Thai (Strategic Budget) Prof Bobby Wong Chong Thai
Sustainable Cities Prof Bobby Wong Chong Thai
Asian Modernity and Representations in Contemporary Singapore Film of Chinese Urban Domestic Architecture (ARF Fund) Dr. Lilian Chee
Asian Modernity and Representations in Contemporary Singapore Film of Chinese Urban Domestic Architecture - Startup Fund Dr. Lilian Chee
The Digital Reconstruction of 3 Residential Wards of Different Population Densities and Characters in Tang Period, Chang'An Prof Heng Chye Kiang
Designing Sustainable Buildings Using Evolutionary Optimisation Systems Dr. Patrick Janssen
Creating Innovative Application of Digital Fabrication Technologies and Advanced Materials for Sustainable Architectural Construction Dr. Shinya Okuda
Investigative Methods in Architectural Conservation & Historic Studies of 54-56 Heeren Street, Malacca A/P Wong Yunn Chii
Visual Images and Total Healing Environment in Hospital Design-Cross Cultural Study on Art Preferences Dr. Ruzica Bozovic-Stamenovic
Post Occupancy Evaluation of Green Mark Rated Buildings in Singapore Dr. Nirmal T Kishnani
Projecting Singapore: A Case Study for Hydrological Urbanism Prof Erik Gerard L'Heureux
Grassroots GIS. Development of low cost mapping and publishing methods for slum and slum-upgrading projects in Manila Dr. Jorg Rekittke
Observations in Changing Landscapes: The Effects of Micro-climatic conditions and User Behaviour at a Park Connector Site / Vegetative Changes of an Un-maintained Site Dr. Hwang Yun Hye
Eco-Resort Architecture: A Perspective on Sustainable Typologies in SE Asia Mr. Florian Benjamin Schaetz
Automatic Carbon Tool for Planning and Design of High-Density Industrial Estates (Contract No: JTC C07302010) Dr. Huang Yi Chun
Design, Construction and test-bedding of building integrated photovoltaic facades at SDE A/P Stephen Wittkopf
PermaCity and the New Wave in Asian Architecture and Urbanism Prof Jurgen Rosemann
Physical Development in Singapore, 1819-1942: A Study of Maps and Texts Dr. Lai Chee Kien
Kinetic External Screen Prof Joseph Lim Ee Man
Land Rights and Urban Transformation of Treaty Ports in China: Ningbo and Guangzhou Dr. Chen Yu
A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Singapore in the British Colonial Networks 1830-1960 Dr. Chang Jiat Hwee
Computational Sustainable Design Support Tools Dr. Huang Yi Chun
Asian Urban Epicenters - a Comparative Case Study of Singapore and Hong Kong Dr. Cho Im Sik
The Implementation Feasibility of Spontaneous Vegetation as Landscape Materials; Project 1. Designing Extensive Green Roofs as local Habitats Ms Hwang Yun Hye
Carbon based decisison framework for selecting between Green/Blue/White Roofs Dr. Nalanie Mithraratne
Characterization of Photosynthetically Active Radiation in the Urban Environment Dr. Tan Puay Yok
Ongoing Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Evolutionary Urbanism: Exploration of High Density Housing Developments using Cloud Computing Dr. Patrick Janssen
A Framework for Examining Design Ethics in Architecture Dr Jeffrey Chan
Redefining the Quality of Green Spaces: Thermal Comfort Level Analysis in Urban Parks Case No: UP01/07 Ms. Hwang Yun Hye
Vernacular Shared Forms and Existing Urban Heritage Frameworks Dr. Imran Bin Tajudeen
Towards Resilient Floodable Cities: Design and Plan with Riverine Dynamics Dr. Liao Kuei Hsien
Impact of Urban Form on Natural Ventilation and Harvesting Potential Dr. Abel Tablada De La Torre
Nature in Singapore: A Vision, An Evolving Framework Dr. Raffaella Sini
Taming Vice: Casinos, Modernity, Singapore Dr. Lee Kah Wee
A 3D Urban Model of Tang Period Chang'An as a Digital Infrastructure for Chang'An Research Prof Heng Chye Kiang
Cost-Benefit Analysis on Blue-Green Infrastructure in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park A/P Johannes Widodo
Study of Parks Distribution in Singapore A/P Tan Puay Yok
Nimble BIM: A Performance-Based Decision Support Framework for Building Design Dr. Patrick Janssen
Prototype for Hydrological Architecture Mr Erik L'Heureux
An Analytical Morphological Approach to Urban Conservation in China: Case Studies of the Old City of Beijing and Suzhou Dr. Zhang Ye
Assessment of Photosyntheically Active Radiation under Viaducts and Flyovers A/P Tan Puay Yok
Under-The-Urban-Canopy 3D (UUC3D) Fieldwork Based Experimentation with Advanced Image Based Landscape Modelling Tools and Methods A/P Jorg Rekittke
Study on the BIM-Based Integrated Workflow fir the Design of Sustainable Tall Building Dr. Kim Hyeong Ill
Spatial Patterns and Land Tenure. Resilient Urban Planning for the Informal City Dr. Oscar Carracedo
Chinese Urbanism at the Medium Scale Dr. Sha Yongjie
The Implementation Feasibility of Spontaneous Vegetation as Landscape Materials; Project 2. Survey on Perceived Values of Naturalized Gardens Ms Hwang Yun Hye
50*50: 50 Years, 50 Neighbourhoods. Exploring High Density and High Quality Urban Living Environments For Singapore Dr Oscar Carracedo
Domesticity in the Heartland Dr. Lilian Chee
Rethinking our urban planning and design processes Dr. Patrick Janssen
Minimising Construction Waste in Singapore: A Whole-of Life Investigation MOE2014-T2-1-004 Dr. Nalanie Mithraratne
Blue Green and Social Performance in High Density Urban Environments Assoc Prof Herbert Dreiseitl
L2NICCFP1-2013-10 Biophilic Town: A Framework for Landscapes to Enhance the Environment of High Density Towns Assoc Prof Tan Puay Yok
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