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Completed Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Integrated Personalized Ventilation and Personalized Exhaust System for Enhanced IAQ and Airborne Infection Control Chandra Sekhar
Sustainability Impacts of Material Choice and Substitution in the Building Industry - A Streamlined and Consequence-based Approach Using Life Cycle Assessment. Kua Harn Wei
Pyrolysis and Combustion Processes of Combustible Materials under External Heat Flux Chew Yit Lin Michael
Study on Long Term Impact due to Climate Change - Changes in Urban Temperature Profile and Energy Consumption of Buildings Wong Nyuk Hien
Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions Ling Yean Yng Florence
Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Systems in Air Handling Units in Ehancing IAQ and Energy Performance Chandra Sekhar
Safety Costs and Investments of Building Projects in Singapore Teo Ai Lin
A Decade of Change and Improvement? Construction Industry Development Programmes in Hong Kong, Singapore and UK George Ofori
Benchmarking "Global Benchmarking Initiatives" for the Singaporean Construction Industry. Hwang Bon-Gang
Expiratory Droplet Dispersion in the Indoor Environment Tham Kwok Wai
Plant Root Penetration Mechanism on Green Roof Waterproofing Membranes Chew Yit Lin Michael
Developing a Carbon Index for Construction Projects Teo Ai Lin
The Relevant Legal and Policy Considerations for Effective Use of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Models for Developing Ecocities Asanga Gunawansa
Experimental Investigation of Cooling Load Dynamics and User Acceptability Evaluation of Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) Systems in Hot and Humid Climate. Chandra Sekhar
Enhancing Energy Efficiency Through Web-based Real-time Building Energy Audit and Benchmarking Lee Siew Eang
Zero Energy Building at Building and Construction Authority's Academy (ZEB@BCAA) Lee Siew Eang
Zero Energy Sources and Efficiency Design Towards a Zero Energy Building at BCA Academy Lee Siew Eang
Strategies for Contractors: Integrating Porter's Diamond with Sun Tzu's Art of War Ling Yean Yng Florence
Impact and Airborne Sound Insulation Performance of Party Walls and Floors in Singapore Lee Siew Eang
Corporate Sustainable-Developmental Responsibilities (CSdR) -Corporate Fulfilling Responsible Citizenship for a Sustainable World. Kua Harn Wei
Ignition Mechanism and Modeling of Preheated Chars - Potential Class of New Hazard Chew Yit-Lin Michael
Effects of Filters, Ventilation and Recirculation Rates on Ozone Initiated Chemistry Products in Air-Conditioned Buildings in the Tropics Tham Kwok Wai
Future Green School of ZEB@BCA Wong Nyuk Hien
Legislative and Policy Initiatives for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reductions and their Impact on the Construction Industry. Asanga Gunawansa
Green Chimneys - Localised Carbon Sequestration Using Constructed Ecosystem Modules Kua Harn Wei
Workplace Practices of the Construction Industry in Singapore George Ofori
An Intelligent Rule-Based System for Whole-Life Cost and Sustainable Building Decisions Goh Bee Hua
Climatic Mapping of Business Park for Environmental Quality Assessment. Wong Nyuk Hien
Relationship between Flight Time, Organization Structures and Entry/Business Strategies Adopted by Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Consultancy Firms when Exporting Their Services Overseas: A CBR Research Low Sui Pheng
Analysis of the Global Construction Industry using Computer-based Cartography Low Sui Pheng
Evaluation of Performance of the Newly Developed Enhanced Displacement Ventilation in Office Environment in the Tropics. Cheong Kok Wai
Evaluation of Performance Characteristics of Newly Developed Ceiling Mounted Personalised and Mixing Ventilation Systems. Chandra Sekhar
Performance Evaluations of Vertical Greenery Systems for Building Walls Wong Nyuk Hien
Integrated Control of Indoor Environmental Quality Benny Raphael
Authentic Leadership Development in Construction Project Professionals George Ofori
Development of Environmental Noise Performance Criteria and Evaluation Protocol for the Planning and Design of HDB Apartments. Lee Siew Eang
Development of Urban Climatic Mapping Technique for the Impact Study of Urban Development. Wong Nyuk Hien
NMR for Flame Retardancy Characterization in Char Chew Yit Lin Michael
Development of Assessment Protocol for Sustainable City Lim Guan Tiong
Correlating Exposure to Allergens and Phthalates in Dust with Asthma and Allergic Symptoms in Children. Tham Kwok Wai
A Project Management Model for Green Construction Chan Swee Lean
Monitoring Tool: Safety Culture Index Teo Ai Lin Evelyn
Airborne Particulate Matter Distribution and Health Implications on Occupants in High-Rise Building in Singapore Cheong Kok Wai David
Development of Building Energy Efficiency Labelling System Lee Siew Eang
Study of the Root Resistance of Roofing Membranes and Coating for Rooftop Greening in the Tropics Wong Nyuk Hien
Development of Comprehensive Database for Building Energy Performance Benchmarking in the ASEAN Region Lee Siew Eang
Development of a Business Model for Building Energy Performance Services in the ASEAN Region Lee Siew Eang
Associations Between Ventilation, Indoor Contaminants and Allergens, and the Allergenic Reactions and Respiratory Symptoms of Children in Child Care Centres in Singapore Tham Kwok Wai
Identifying Salivary Biomarkers as Objective Health Measures in Indoor Environmental Assessments and Productivity Tham Kwok Wai
The Impact of International Commercial Arbitration in Singapore. Chan Chuen Fye, Philip
Impact of Vegetation on Environmental Conditions and Energy Efficiency of Industrial Facilities Wong Nyuk Hien
Benchmarking Industrial Building Energy Performance Lee Siew Eang
Impact of Indoor Environment on Perceived Air Quality, SBS Symptoms, Work Performance and Productivity Tham Kwok Wai
Natural Ventilation of HDB Hawker Centres and Its Impact on Thermal Comfort Wong Nyuk Hien
Development of Environmental Assessment Criteria and Protocols for Residential and Commercial Developments Lim Guan Tiong
Developing Generic Scheduling Strategies for Construction Projects Moonseo Park
Project Management Practices Adopted by International Consultants and Contractors When Operation in China Ling Yean Yng, Florence
Knowledge-based Decision Support System (KBDSS) for Management of Variation Orders for PRIME Buildings in Singapore. Low Sui Pheng
Optimization of Compartmental Coil Performance of a Newly Developed Air-Conditioning System Chandra Sekhar
Draft Perception and Acceptance by Tropically Acclimatized Subjects in Transient and Steady State Situations Tham Kwok Wai
Productivity of the Construction Industry in Singapore George Ofori
Critical Heat Flux Exposure to Radiant Heat Ignition of Solid Wood Chew Yit Lin Michael
Field Environmental Chamber Evaluation Of Energy Efficiency Potential Through Innovative Air-Conditioning Systems In The Tropics Chandra Sekhar
Thermal Performance Of Façade Materials & Design & The Impacts On Indoor & Outdoor Environment Wong Nyuk Hien
Model-based Dynamic Resource Management for Construction Moonseo Park
Strategies for Penetrating Engineering & Construction Market in South East & East Asia George Ofori
Integration of CAD and Thermal Simulations Through Industry Foundation Class (IFC) Product Model Wong Nyuk Hien
Productivity and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Tham Kwok Wai
IT Barometer Survey of Singapore & the Noric Countries – A Comparative Study of IT Usage in the Construction Industry Goh Bee Hua
The Use of Web-Based Tools for Project Management Chan Chuen Fye, Philip
Life Cycle Costing for Façade Maintenance Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn
Development of a Strategic Integrated Global Procurement Framework Leong Hoe Yuen, Christopher
Enhancing Safety Culture in Construction: The Impact of Safety Management Systems on Construction Safety Levels. Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn
Developing World Class Firms with Strong Export Capability: Learning from Successful USA Design and Construction Firms Ling Yean Yng, Florence
Evaluation of Displacement Ventilation Systems in the Tropics. Cheong Kok Wai, David
Life Cycle Costing for Office Productivity Gan Cheong Eng
Development of an Energy Efficient Air-conditioning System with Zonal Ventilation Control for Improved Indoor Air Quality Chandra Sekhar
Strategies for the Diffusion of Prefabrication to the Private Sector Moonseo Park
Energy and Building Performance Assessment and Classification of Commercial Buildings in Singapore Lee Siew Eang
Mapping of Industry Building Product Model for Detailed Thermal Simulation and Analysis. Lam Khee Poh
A study of the Urban Heat Island in Singapore. Wong Nyuk Hien
Adopting High Technology Construction in Singapore: Managerial & Human Issues George Ofori
Benchmarking Construction Waste Levels in Singapore Towards Effective Minimisation George Ofori
Life Cycle Costing of High Technology Building: Case of Life Science Research Building. Gan Cheong Eng
Project Managers' Behaviour and their Impact on Project Performance and Innovation. Moonseo Park
Study of Rooftop Gardens in Singapore. Wong Nyuk Hien
Enabling Innovation in Construction: The Alignment of Motivation in Construction for Greater Integration. Ling Yean Yng, Florence
Maintainability under Tropical Conditions. Chew Yit Lin Michael
Building The External Wing Of Construction: Managing Risk In International Construction Projects Wang Shouqing
Evaluation of Energy Efficient Personalized Air Units for Enhanced Ventilation in Tropics. Chandra Sekhar
An Integrated Index for Measurement of Total Building Performance: Groundwork for Development of Software. S.Rajendran
Performance Evaluation of a New Polyurethane for External Joints under Tropical Conditions Chew Yit-Lin Michael
Performance Evaluation of Alternative Project Procurement Methods Ling Yean Yng Florence
Natural Ventilation Studies of Public Housing in Singapore Wong Nyuk Hien
The Potential for Developing World Class Singapore Construction (and Construction-Related) Firms with Strong Export Capability George Ofori
Building a World Class Construction Industry: An Examination of the Impact of C21 on Singapore's Construction Industry Mohammed Fadhil Dulaimi
Evaluation Of The Performance Of Fire Doors - An Integrated Approach Chew Yit Lin Michael
Detailed Characterization Of Indoor VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds) Of Commercial Buildings In Singapore Chandra Sekhar
Modeling of the Air Quality and Ventilation in Indoor Environment. Cheong Kok Wai David
Semper-II: Digital Building Models for Intranet Collaborative Design Computing Lam Khee Poh
Investigations into the Establishment of an Intelligent Laboratory for Sustainable Built Environment Lee Siew Eang
The Effectiveness of CIDB's Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) in Reducing Building Defects Low Sui Pheng
A Study of the Use of Performance-based Simulation Tools for Building Design and Evaluation in Singapore Wong Nyuk Hien
An International Collaborative Programme for the Study of Day Light Attenuation in the Window Glazing in Urban Environment Ullah M. B.
Durability of Polyurethane Sealant for External Joints Under Tropical Conditions Chew Yit-Lin Michael
Performance Evaluation of the Public Sector Standard Conditions of Contract for Construction Works (PSSCOC) Leong Hoe Yuen, Christopher
Pidemco Land Ltd-Total Building Performance And Building Services And Automation Research Lee Siew Eang
Study of Water Leakage Problems in External Walls S K Roy
Implementation of Environmental Management System in Construction Project Management Organisation in Singapore George Ofori
The Impact And Effectiveness Of CIDB-SISIR ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems In The Singapore Construction Industry Low Sui Pheng
An Integrated Building Assessment Method using the Total Building Performance Approach Lee Siew Eang
Ongoing Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Optimised Energy Measurement & Verification (M&V) Protocol for Existing Buildings Sekhar Narayana Kondepudi
Urban Climatic Mapping Study of Tianjin Eco-city Wong Nyuk Hien
Indoor Environment Quality and Productivity in Green Mark Certified Non-Residential Buildings Tham Kwok Wai
Centre for Integrated Building Energy and Sustainability in the Tropics Chandra Sekhar
Social Metering: Combining Real-Time Energy Metering with Social Eco-Feedback and Correlating its Effectiveness with "RICCOW" Kua Harn Wei
Facility Management Excellence: Optimizing Life Cycle Energy Management Lu Yujie
Development of Climate Change Information Service (CLICIS) @Geospace Wong Nyuk Hien
The effect of using collaborative briefing approach to empower the briefing process for large scale infrastructure projects in Singapore Jacky Chung
A Knowledge BIM Ecosystem for Sustainable Built Environment Shen Lijun
Intelligent System for Determining Productivity and Safety Index using BIM Teo Ai Lin
Prototype FPS Wizard: A design support system to improve the selection and design of personal fall protection system Goh Yang Miang
Measuring & Analyzing Ict Device Energy Loads, Developing Predictive Algorithms And A Green ICT Guidelines, NUS As A TestbedD Tham Kwok Wai & Sekhar Narayana Kondepudi
Constructing a Non-Residential Whole-Life Cost Index for Singapore Goh Bee Hua
Dynamics of organisational accidents: A simulation modeling approach Goh Yang Miang
Multi-functional systems for Low Volume High Value Carbon Capture and Utilization Kua Harn Wei
Development of Climatic Mapping Tool for Estate Environmental Evaluation Wong Nyuk Hien
Characterising Exhaled Droplets Produced by Human Respiratory Activities to Assist Aerosol Infection Control Tham Kwok Wai
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