Research Projects

Division of Industrial Design

Completed Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Eco-Mosquito Plant Terminator Ang Yian San
Development of Scenario Based Ergonomic Design Liem, Andre
Research and Industrial Design of a New Generation of Ergonomic Personal Passenger Luggage Carrying Systems (PPLCS) For Airports: Airport Trolley Project Liem, Andre
Apartments System Boucharenc Christian Gilles
Light Weight Foldable Structures Krishnapillai Anandasivan
Parametric Form Design Krishnapillai Anandasivam and Elivio Bonollo
Comparative Study of Visual Perceptions Between Real-World Product and 3D Simulation Yen Ching Chiuan
The application of female-centred care methodology to the development of a mobile health communication unit for women Dr Yen Ching Chiuan
Applying the Female-Focused Acceptance Model (FAM) to Develop a Healthcare Information System for Aging Women Associate Professor Yen Ching Chiuan
MERLION Programme 2009: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Design Boucharenc Christian Gilles
The Development of an Assistive Walker for Children with Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida: Leap Frog Associate Professor Yen Ching Chiuan

Ongoing Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Investigating the legacies of heritage and identity within a contemporary culture of mass consumption using critical design practice as a practice based design research for critique and speculation Hans Tan
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