Research Projects

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Completed Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Study of User Perception of Skyrise Greenery and its Impacts on Cost, Rent and Value of Property Yu Shi Ming
Green Retrofitting Impact and Energy Efficiency in Existing Commercial Buildings in Singapore Yu Shi Ming
Financing Urban Mass Rapid Transit with Land Value Capture Diao Mi
Corporate Governance and Investor Attention: Evidence from Japanese REITs Masaki Mori
Residential Relocation Decisions: The Role of Neighborhoods, Housing Tenure Choicce and Race Lee Kwan Ok
Information Diffusion in the U.S. REIT Market Masaki Mori
Islamic Bank's Exposure to Real Estate Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
The Economic Impact of Property Rights Restrictions & Construction Quality: A Study on Singapore Private Housing Market Ooi Thian Leong, Joseph
The Impact of Land Rights on Sustainable Urbanization in China - in reference to high-density low-income Asian countries Zhu Jieming
An Exploratory Study for Developing Urban Prototyping Technology Fu Yuming
A study of real estate equity market integration and economic globalization: the case of Greater China and international linkages Liow Kim Hiang
Perception of Housing Affordability and Investment Vialibility: Examination of how supply side and deman side policies influence housing decisions of different types of home buyers Lee Nai Jia
Debt and Equity Financing for Asian REITs: Effect of Leverage, Acquisitions and Financial Crisis Ong Seow Eng
Investigating asset pricing in real estate markets Fu Yuming
Analysis of Mortgage Default Risk Sing Tien Foo
A Study on Demand for Green Office Lee Nai Jia
An Examination of Bidding Strategies in Real Estate Auctions: An Experimental Approach Chow Yuen Leng
A Structural Model for Capitalization Rate Deng Yongheng
Application of Spatial Econometics to Chinese Condominium Housing Markets Liao Wen-Chi
Shariah Compliant Real Estate Investment Trusts and Property Companies Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
The Dynamic Relationship Between House Prices in the Primary and Secondary Markets Ooi Thian Leong, Joseph
Impact of Green Buildings on Property Values & Valuation Yu Shi Ming
Asian Public Real Estate Market Efficiency and Integration Liow Kim Hiang
The Impact of En Bloc (Collective) Sales on Older People and "Community Building" Alice Christudason
A Time-Series, Cross-Section Analysis of Appraisal-Based Real Estate Returns Seah Kiat Ying
Reputation and Pension Plan Allocation to Real Estate Seah Kiat Ying
Corporate Governance and Real Estate Ownership Sing Tien Foo
Outsourcing, Inequality and Cities: How Does Domestic Outsourcing Affect City Characteristics, Where People Live, and Welfare Inequality? Liao Wen-Chi
Real Estate Development Financing and Investment in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
Urban Land and Residential Housing Markets in Post Reform China: The Characteristics, Outcomes, and Hidden Problems of Fast Urbanization Tu Yong
Empirical Test of Real Option Premiums in an Imperfect Land Market Sing Tien Foo
Corporate Real Estate Performance Effects and Real Strategy Dynamics of International Retail Companies Liow Kim Hiang
An Indepth Investigative Research of Real Options and the Large, Complex Real Estate Development Project Ho Kim Hin, David
Shariah Property Investment in Asia Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
The Growth Strategies of Asian REITs Ooi Thian Leong, Joseph
Housing Supply & Urban Productivity in Chinese Cities Fu Yuming
An Assessment of the Uniqueness and Strategic Contribution of Leading Real Estate Companies Liow Kim Hiang
Boundary Effects on Metropolitan Property Price Behaviour Han Sun Sheng
Modelling Land Use Policy, its Efficiency and Effectiveness Ho Kim Hin, David
Strategic Development Timing Options in Illiquid Real Estate Markets Sing Tien Foo
Inter-Cluster Analysis of Shopping Centre Competition and Performance Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
Mortgage Delinquency & Default Ong Seow Eng
The Housing Price-Volume Puzzle: Tests of Alternative Theories Ong Seow Eng
Initial Property Offerings: A Study on the Market Timing & Pricing Strategies of Real Estate Developers in Singapore Ooi Thian Leong, Joseph
Modeling the Risk Class and Market Risk Premiums for International Real Estate Investing Ho Kim Hin, David
Modeling the Neighborhood Effects on Singapore Private Residential Housing Transaction Prices Tu Yong
Issues and Perspectives in Strategic Corporate Real Estate Asset Management - A Case Study of Suntec City Liow Kim Hiang
Institutional Framework for the Property Market and Its Implications for Sustainable Development - Case Studies of Property / Urban Development in Southeast Asian Cities Zhu Jieming
Information Transparency and Performance in Asian Property Companies Liow Kim Hiang
Real Estate Development in China's Second Tier Market: a case study of the Yellow River Delta Han Sun Sheng
Enhancing Real Estate Valuation Judgment using GIS & 3-D Simulation Yu Shi Ming
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) Sing Tien Foo
The study of urban sustainability of "Familiar Places" in Singapore in relation to preserving communities, property values and land use optimization Malone-Lee Lai Choo
The Dynamics of Residential Property Value Surface in a Transitional Metropolis: Beijing Han Sun Sheng
The Dynamics of Land Pricing in Singapore. Ooi Thian Leong, Joseph
Branding in the residential property market Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim
A comparative study of housing markets and economic development in Hong Kong and Singapore Zhang Xing Quan
The impact of globalization on real estate investment in Singapore and major cities in China Sim Loo Lee
Singapore's Competitiveness as a Global City: Development Strategy, Institutions and Investment Environment A/P Sim Loo Lee and A/P Ong Seow Eng
Impact on Information & Communication Technology on Office Space Demand Sing Tien Foo
Asset-backed Securitization Sing Tien Foo & Ong Seow Eng
Land Use Structure and Property Value Pattern in Pacific-Asian Metropolis: A Case Study of Singapore Han Sun Sheng; Lim Lan Yuan; Yu Shi Ming
Real Estate Financing in Singapore: Alternative Methods Ooi Thian Leong
Repeat Sales & Hedonic Repeat Sales Indices of Singapore Property Markets Lum Sau Kim
Understanding the Changes of Singapore's Urban Housing Sub-market System: A Policy Modeling Approach Tu Yong; Wong Khei Mie Grace
Living experience in super tall buildings. Belinda Yuen
Urban Development and Restructuring under a Transition Economy - Case Study of Shanghai Zhu Jieming
Econometric modeling of urban housing price dynamics Tu Yong
Performance Measurement and Modeling for Corporate Real Estate Liow Kim Hiang
Ongoing Research Projects
Project Title Principle Investigator
Behavioral Study on the effects of real time information on water usage for showering Sing Tien Foo
China's Real Estate Market and the Decision Making Process of Market Participants from a Behavioural Perspective Qin Yu
Behavioural Study on the Effects of Real Time Information on Water Usage for Showering Sing Tien Foo
Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Development in China: On the Perspectives of Firm Performance Liao Wen-Chi
Human Capital, Labor Mobility and Regional Development in SEA Economies Liao Wen-Chi
Effect of Infrastructure Spending on the Property Sector for Major Cities in India Ong Seow Eng
The Impact of Land Rights on Urban Redevelopment Liao Wen-Chi
The Size Distributions of Cities in China and Southeast Asia Li Qiang
Behavioural Studies in Real Estate: Weather Effects, Energy Consumption And Housing Choices Sumit Agarwal
A Close Look: Singapore Real Estate Chow Yuen Leng
Switching volatility and dynamic interdependence in international securitized real estate markets Liow Kim Hiang
Urban Growth, Housing Price Dynamics and Household Mobility Sing Tien Foo
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